Monday, May 25, 2015

I went to Prison!

Hey everybody back home! I hope all is well for you guys and you're
seeing amazing miracles in each of your lives! I'm really hoping that
yall are enjoying the weather you've been having too! Based on the
weather when I get a chance and look at it, it seems Utah's really
cold for this time of year! I think the highest temperature that I've
seen over this entire week was like 65? Is it really that cold over
there? Over here it's unseasonably warm for Florida, the highest temp
we saw this week was 98. Smoking hot right?! And the humidity didn't
help with that temp at all!(: oh well, I'm enjoying it while i can!

This week we had a bunch of normal teaching and that kinda stuff,
nothing too interesting for the first couple days! Our investigators
all passed their baptismal interviews this week! So that's super
amazing, one step closer to being baptized! We're really excited to
have these guys get baptized this week! It's been a real privilege to
be able to teach them and see the gospel turning wheels in their heads
and helping them to really feel the spirit. What a marvelous work to
get to be a part of! And just the opportunity to meet all these
wonderful people down here in Florida makes it worth it! I've gotten
to make friends with members, less actives, non members, and pretty
much everyone out here, crazy to think, Ida never had this opportunity
to meet these people and have them become part of my life if I hadn't
made the decision to serve. Crazy how much a small decision can really
have such an impact on your life right?!

So just a few of the highlights of the week:

Wednesday we helped the cocoa elders move their apartment to down in
Port St John, that was a heck of a good time! Got to ride in a super
nice tricked out f-150! It was soooo nice, and brand spanking new!
That night we got caught in a HUGE thunder storm! It was so stinkin
cool, especially while we were biking, the sky would just light up
every few seconds.

Thursday we were on exchanges and I went with Elder Coon down to the
cocoa area. Spent the first night in their new house! Holy cow do I
miss living in a HOUSE instead of an apartment. Like honestly you
wouldn't think there's much difference but ohhh boy the difference is
HUGE! We went down to see some people down on Camp rd. One of the
addresses we were given was to a halfway house for the prison system.
We were like "hmmm okay cool well let's go see it!" So we went down
and the entire prison, halfway houses, and everything down there was
abandoned! It was as if everyone just up and left in the middle of the
night. I looked through the broken window of one of the houses and
there was still clothes hanging up in the room and everything! It was
so crazy! I wondered why they were just abandoned, never really did
figure it out. But I took plenty of pictures of my visit to the

Saturday was one of the biggest highlights of the week. We got special
permission to go down to the cocoa beach area with a ward family to
celebrate for their sons graduation. We went to their beach house and
had a total blast! We got to meet their son whom is a less active
named Randy. Super cool guy! We talked with him forever and had the
most amazing Peruvian food I've ever had in my entire life! Our
"appetizers" were this awesome lime cooked fish, squid, and clam dish.
And when I say lime cooked I mean they literally cooked the food with
the acid in the limes! IT WAS TO DIE FOR! Our actual dinner was what I
call Peruvian chili, a bowl of hot pork, chicken, some root stuff, and
a little bit of bean. It was also TO DIE FOR! Haha no wonder I'm
getting fat! I'm getting fed to much stinkin Peruvian food!

That was pretty much my week! Everyone, I hope you all have a good
week and a happy Memorial Day!

This week is a picture from my visit to prison!

Love y'all!

-Elder Brett Davis.

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