Monday, May 18, 2015

11 Months out!

Hey everyone! Hope y'all had a good and busy week! Things out here
have been insanely busy this entire week! I've loved every ,minute of
it! Not gunna lie for a second though, the week started off rough with
an awful district Pday. We tried having a bbq but honestly it was the
most terribly planned event I've ever seen, we didn't even have
anywhere to grill anything. I tried to jimmy rig somethin up for us
but it didn't work so we ended up cooking everything in the kitchen of
the church.... Disaster right there! After Pday was thankfully over we
drove home from Rockledge and went out to dinner with a ward member.
Brother Jensen, he's a really cool guy normally very quiet and kinda
by himself. But holy cow he's starting to talk more and more each time
we go out to eat with him! I really like it! After that we had an
appointment with the Jenkins family which was very good very fun as

Tuesday was by far the busiest day of the entire week! On our way to
see Logan I saw Belle riding her bike pulling Mary in a little cart
down the sidewalk. We flipped around he car for a minute and went to
talk to her. Turns out she was back in town for a couple of days so we
set up to come back by in the afternoon and see her. After that it was
off to Logan's to help him. We helped him move and shared a little
lesson about service, while we were there him and Matthew got into a
fight. That was weird... We left after that and went to see Bro Ray,
we had a good lesson with him. We have to kinda reteach him all the
lessons because the sisters that baptized him a few years ago didn't
teach him anything.. Kinda sad really he's been sinning and not
knowing it. But we're helping him! After Brother Ray we went to the
Castillos house and had a great little lesson with them, then we spent
like a half an hour teaching Sukie how to skate. That was very very
very interesting! But it was loads of fun to do! After that we dashed
off to see Clorisa and her family and had a great visit with them.
They're now all working towards being baptized on the 30th, hopefully
their able to keep that date and all get baptized together. After that
we went and saw Belle, kinda just saw how she was doing if there was
anything we could do to help her. After her we took Matthew over to
see Patrick cardone, a less active were working with. We had a great
lesson there and I think Matthew even enjoyed himself. So that was a
great and busy day for sure!

Wednesday was crazy too! Haha we got a call from the vehicle
coordinator saying that we needed to take in Elder Heiners bike
because someone needed it and he could get a new one from the mission
office. So after all of our studies we loaded up the car and headed
out to Orlando. It took us 2 1/2 hours to drive there because of all
the stinkin traffic. And the worst part is when we got there Elder
Spencer (the vehicle coordinator) took one look at the bike and it was
the wrong one! We still got Heiner a new bike though because that one
was a piece of junk. Then it took us an additional 2 1/2 hours to get
back home because the traffic was still awful! Luckily on our way in
we had called our dinner appointment and pushed it back to 6pm. And we
barely skidded into town by that time! Our dinner was with the Jenkins
family, we had a great dinner and after dinner all the girls left the
house and went to young women's and relief society and activity girls
or whatever in the world that was! So we got to have a good lesson
with Brother Jenkins. I enjoyed it, and I think he really enjoyed
having some time with guys in his house for once! Haha he's such a
good guy though, I love that family. After we got out of Jenkins we
went and had a quick 20 minute lesson with Donna, then it was off to
the sisters house to drop the car off. On the way there I hit a snake,
I didn't take the time to figure out what it was but hey it's now a
good one. It's dead. So that was one more busy day down.

Thursday we had a meeting in Viera (which is why we had to take the
car to the sisters) and we car pooled with the cocoa elders. We had a
great meeting, they gave us some of the best news in the entire world!
They told us that we would now be able to go to the temple with
members that were reactivating to do baptisms for the dead! Wooooooo!
More temple trips! I'm so excited, we already have a few people that
were going to focus on in getting them back to being active so that we
can take them to the temple! After the meeting we took Matthew and
went to see a couple of people. We went and saw Sam Woodard, that was
awesome especially for Matthew, he was able to hear SAMs testimony and
see his example of truly enduring to the. End. I feel like that was
something that really helped Matthew. After Sam we took Matthew to see
Clorisa with us, we had a great lesson there. Then we went off to
dinner at the Salazars house, they had some family in from Aruba and
we actually taught them. One of the names was Roderick and holy cow he
was so cool! He was constantly asking us questions about the church
and the things we believed and things that we did especially as
missionaries. We gave him a Book of Mormon and talked to him about it
and committed him to make contact with the elders when he got home. He
gladly accepted it and said that he would for sure be getting in touch
with the elders!

Friday rained like none other! We still went and did service for the
Salazars, that was awesome! It was raining so stinkin hard and thunder
and lightening and it was so hot too! I honestly couldn't tell if it
was rain or sweat running down my face! But I wouldn't have traded it
for the world! It was a heck of a good time!  When we got home from
that I put on sweats and we did weekly planning while we sat and
watched the rain trickle, or more rather dump in buckets from the sky!
Then in the evening we went up and taught Matthew, he was having a
really hard time with lots of things so we were and are doing our best
to help him.

Saturday was another pathetically busy day! We were getting run
ragged! Our first appointment of the day was going over to see
Clarissa. Which ended up failing but we went through our list of less
actives and we went and visited with a bunch of people we ended up
teaching this one guy on the side of the road which is a really really
cool guy. He seems like he has a lot of potential and we will be
following up with him in the next couple of weeks because he is having
a surgery. After that we went over and saw a couple more or less
activesand we were able to catch Clarissa at home. So we taught her
and her family and then we had to bike it all the way back across your
area to the church for a baptism. The baptism is really good not many
were member showed up but that's typical here in Florida. While we
were at the baptism our dinner appointment fell through and we ended
up just grabbing a snack and eating on the way. We went out that night
to see some less actives and we ended up bribing the girls from the
Vargas family to come to church the next day!

Sunday another extremely busy day. The Vargas girls came to church and
like 10 other less actives that we are working with it was awesome to
see unfortunately Clorisa and her family didn't make it but that's
okay. One member offered to feed us that night so we scheduled an
appointment to go up with him. After church we went over and we taught
well we took the sacrament to Sam Woodard and we went over and talk
Clarissa about tithing and fast offerings and they excepted it very
well so that's really good we're excited they're progressing very much
and they should be able to be baptized at the end of the month still.
Our dinner was with brother Pickelzimer, yes Pickekzimer, quite the
mouthful right? He is such a stinking cool guy. He lives up at the
very very very north end of our ward which happens to also be in the
north end of our county he fed us really good meal called Cowboys
delight. Which consisted of ground brisket and pork and beans and some
red pepper all make stand one pan to gather and all my goodness it was
so stinking good. We talk to him for a while and we Learned a lot
about him and his past and is just life in general. It was really cool
to get to talk to them because I feel like he really needed someone to
talk to because his wife passed away three weeks ago and it's just
good to always look for ways we can help people especially in times
like that. And I was pretty much her entire week I got an awesome
Stihl hat from brother P. So. I'm really happy we have had a great
week it's been crazy it's been busy it's been every thing you want it
to be.

Spiritual thought for the week on enduring to the end. I've noticed a
lot of people down here they struggle with enduring to the end. So
what does it mean to truly endure to the end? As we are baptized we
take on ourselves the name of Christ and we say that we are willing to
mourn with those that mourn and help close the stand in need of
comfort at all times and there's a lot of other things that we commit
to do in our baptismal covenant covenant. And it's very important to
understand that as well, we also commit that we will endure to the
end. That doesn't mean we won't have trials we will have struggles or
we will be immune to anything that goes on in the world. But as we
continue to read pray and attend church we will have our faith grill
and is her faith continues to grow we will be able to endure to the
end and we will station strong in the Gospel. And not only in the
Gospel but in our faith and we will be able to help those around us.
What a blessing we all have received by excepting the gospel so how
can we live up to those covenants that we've made what can we strive
to do better? Let us all evaluate how we do things and let's see in
what ways we can improve and apply them.

 I love you guys all of you have a great week.!

-Elder Brett Davis.

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