Monday, May 11, 2015

Elder & Sister Clark

This week, what a stellar week! Monday was our preparation day, which
was pretty fun. The most excitement of the day was having pizza
ordered in by my wonderful mother! Then the night we biked all the
long way up to the hospital, about a ten or more mile ride. We gave
Sukie a blessing, she's still pretty dang sick but getting better! She
was doing a hole lot better on Monday. She requested another blessing
because she found out about some more health issues that's going on.
We headed out from there and decided to head home cause it was a long
ride back from there. It was interesting, we took a way home that we'd
never have taken before and had a feeling to stop in on a member that
has t been to church for a few weeks and just check in on him. We got
there and his wife opened the door and talked to us on the porch for a
few minutes and then Brother Delorenzo got home and invited us in.
Turns out he has been really sick the last few weeks and was in need
of a blessing. So we did that, gave him his blessing and just kinda
talked to see how life was for them. It's pretty cool to see how we
can be guided by the spirit to go see people that we never woulda
thought to stop by before.

Tuesday was a feast of a day! We had a zone conference with Elder Don
R. Clark! He came and talked to us about so much stuff and it was
really just a feast of knowledge! My favorite thing he said the entire
time was "I'm not smart, but I know how to work" and then he went on
and talked about how if we don't know how to do something but we're
willing to work and to learn then we'll be able to be more productive
missionaries and even beyond the mission if we can and will apply
those principals then we can become more successful. I think it's so
true too, I've seen it in my life I didn't necessarily know how to do
something, take fixing my truck for example. I didn't know how to do a
water pump back then but I was willing to learn and work at it, with
the help of Tyler S. I was able to accomplish it, and he taught me how
to do a bunch more repairs on that old dodge and even on my rodeo.
Because I had the desire to learn and work so I would be more
knowledgable. It was just amazing to hear Elder Clark talk, he didn't
just talk about things that'd help us as missionaries but he talked
about things that will help us throughout our entire lives! Another
one of my favorite things that he talked about was our scripture
study. He said that when he was made a seventy he was told to buy new
scriptures and study and mark them as a seventy. He went on to tell us
that at each phase of our lives we need to study and mark a fresh set
of scriptures according to our needs at that point. For instance right
now we're missionaries. Well all go home shortly and become students,
while we're students we need to study scriptures as students. Shortly
after that we'll become a husband and we need to study them as a
husband, then a father, and so on and so forth. I was thinking about
that and thought that it was such a good idea and it made complete
sense because when I'm home and married (hopefully) and (hopefully)
become a father the things I'm highlighting and making notes on in my
scriptures won't be applicable to me as much at that point. Especially
because right now my main focus is things that will help me in sharing
the gospel, that won't be my main priority or reasoning for studying
the gospel at that point in life. Needless to say, Elder Clark is the
man. He gave me a ton of good info, news, and just a cool guy!

Wednesday.. Not nearly as eventful as Tuesday but still a really
really good day! We had lunch with Brother Moon (ward mission leader)
and Brother Barker (recent convert) up at the village inn. It was
great food and I really dig the strawberry rhubarb pie that they have
down here! It's just amazing! After that we went directly to work on
teaching people. We went over and met with Mathew, a less active
returning active. We had a great meeting with him, were helping him
quit smoking and we accomplished that. Now we just have to wean him
off of his ecig but that will come with time! He's a great kid I
really enjoy working with him! Then we biked on home for dinner and
instead of dinner I worked on my bike while Elder Heiner was eating..
No nothing's wrong with my bike, I'm just doing maintenance on it.
It's just wearing out from all the miles that I've been putting on it.
Then for the evening we went and tried stopping by a bunch of
potentials and less actives and ended up getting in the door of a less
active guy named Jawon. We had a great lesson with him and got to know
him and all that stuff so that's good.

Thursday was another great day. We spent a couple hours trying to stop
by less actives, former investigators, and potential investigators. It
was a good time too! We made contact with a couple of really neat less
actives. I saw a super nice truck, and we met this really cool lady
that makes stain glass windows for a hobby. We saw some of the things
she made and it was just so stinkin cool to see! I had no idea the
process of making stain glass designs. After that we went over to
teach Clorisa, when we got there no males were present so we weren't
able to go in. Luckily we knew of a less active near by that we could
go knock on and see if he could come with us to teach Clorisa. So we
went over to Logan's place and knocked on his door, turns out he had
his girlfriend over so he couldn't go with us. But on the bright side
she started asking us questions about the church and things like that.
So we taught her right there and did kinda a huge over view of all the
lessons that we share. She was awesome and wanted us to come back and
teach her more so that's what we're gunna do! By the time we were done
with that lesson we went back to Clorisa to see if her son was home.
Turns out he was and we had a quick lesson with them. Quick, and
powerful lesson. It was awesome! Then we dashed off to dinner with
brother Mason. He took us down to the Cracker Barrel. It was pretty
good food, the grits weren't that great but oh well. I've seen worse
things happen. Then we began the insanely long journey biking up to
the hospital to see Sukie, and Sam. We went to Sam first and had a
great lesson with him! He's a great guy I love going over there and
meeting with him, to me he's a true example of faith and what true
faith is. His testimony is such a strong one and he continues to share
it with everyone around him. After Sam we went and saw Sukie and had a
great lesson there too. Then we took to the insanely long bike ride
back to our apartment.

Friday was a day filled with meetings, that was pretty good I guess.
When we weren't in meetings we were doing weekly planning so that was
pretty well our day! Saturday was a super busy day! We went less
active hunting in the afternoon and ended up running into a really
cool guy that's a free mason. He was about to go on a motorcycle ride
so he asked if we could come back next week and teach him more. When
we went away we shook hands and he shook in a very different style
than I'm used to.. But it was cool I guess. The rest of her Clarissa
and her family. We had a great lesson. After that we went to our
dinner appointment at a less active's house and it was pretty good and
I was pretty much our entire day.

Sunday was pretty productive I guess you could say. We went to church,
had a pretty good time there. After church we called our families had
a good conversation and then we were off to our dinner appointment
where we had a fish fry. The fish fry was pretty dang good we had
catfish trout couple other types of fish and is just awesome the food
that we had there and the families that we were with was really fun.
It was out in the country area so it was awesome. We heard a couple
flocks of geese flying by never were able to see them but still is
pretty cool. And that was pretty much her entire week this week very
busy dealing with people is good I guess and lot of fun.

The picture that I am sending home this week is a picture of me and
Elder Clark and his wife. We were able to sneak a picture in between
some of the let the sessions that we had and it was an awesome day.

My spiritual thought for the week is Mosiah chapter 2 verse 17 and it
talks about when you were in the service of your fellow beings you're
only in the service of your god. I know that is we reach out and we
serve those around us we will be able to lose ourselves in the service
and learn  The ways the Lord works through us. It is a great
opportunity to serve others and to be able to forget about myself at
times when I feel down or tired or whatever and I know is you guys go
look for ways to serve those around you you'll find more of the Lord's
love in your life. Have a great week guys I love you all be safe don't
do stupid things.

Love Elder Davis

-Elder Brett Davis.

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