Monday, June 1, 2015

June 1,2015

Hello everyone! How's this last week of school been for yall?! Ready
for summer to start up for each of ya? (Except for the people that
have jobs and all that great stuff, Us adults never get summer!) hope
yall have some good plans for this summer! As far as me for summer
plans, I'll be out here in Florida, sweating, biking, and lovin it!
This week has been a pretty dang good and busy one that's for sure!
Had the opportunity to do some service, went to a party, and
socialized with a bunch of high school kids! It was definitely a
success of a week! Well, has it started to get warm back home?
Anything exciting happen? Ohh I can think of one exciting thing! The
payson pool opened for the season on Monday! This is the first time in
three years I wasn't working on opening day, kinda sad.... But oh
well, one day I might do it again just to make more cash.

Anyways, this week has been a fun and busy week! One of the biggest
highlights of the week was when I bought a cast iron skillet, holy cow
do I miss cooking in cast iron! It was the best 15 bucks I've spent in
my entire mission! All the small things are really what make things
worth happening. I had an old companion that always said "these are
small problems" well, these are small successes for me!(:

This week had a few highlights:

 Starting with Tuesday, exchanges with Elder Lefholtz, the Georgia
peach himself! We had a stinkin rocking day! To start it off we got to
go do service at the Salazars house, we had rob Whittaker with us from
the cocoa ward. He owns a lawn business, and he brought out all his
awesome toys to work with! In that hour and a half we got so much work
done on their yard, mowing, edging, trimming trees, and...taking the
forest back! Holy cow it was awesome too! Then like always the
Salazars went and got us pizza to "pay" us, I'm not sure why but I'm
pretty sure the Peruvian culture thinks that if you enter their house
they must be feeding you! Not that I'm complaining though, I mean look
at me I'm gaining tons of weight!

One other awesome thing that happened was we got to go greet a new
member to our ward, sister Doty. Her husband is working in Louisiana,
he works for space-x (not sure what the heck that is) but they moved
here from Idaho because he was stationed to work at Kennedy space
center. They have, 5? Kids, all younger than the age of 6, her oldest,
Rocky being six has autism, I'm not sure what kind. Honestly I
wouldn't have ever guessed! Then she's got a 5 year old girl, 3 year
old boy, and seven month old twins! So she has her hands full! But she
is so stinkin cool! She's gunna be doing a ton of member missionary
work for us! She was already talking about having us over to eat with
one of her neighbors! She's a golden member that's for sure! Now with
all that good news we found out some downer news, Clorisa and her
family had to postpone their baptism until June 13.... It was a sad
moment but hey at least they are going to be baptized on the 13th!
Better late than never!

But that was honestly the highlights of my entire week! We really were
just busy teaching half a million people all week! We had a lot of
opportunities to bond with members, like I said we went to a party on
Saturday night. Another party by the Salazars, a graduation part for
Andrew, we really got to hang out with him and his friends, talk a
little and play some frisby and other stuff with them. So that was
fun, we spent a ton of time with Clorisas family this week and made a
ton of great memories. We put Tyler on Elder Heiners shoulders and
took pictures, Clorisa posted them on Facebook and all that! We got
her and her family to church this week to, so that was a huge success!
We also had a ton of less active members were working with come back
to church this week! Last night Elder Heiner had to say goodbye to
some of the members and investigators, yep you heard right! I'm
getting another new companion tomorrow! It's crazy, next month I'll
have been in Titusville for 6 months! I'm assuming that I'll be
leaving at that point as well... Sadly, but hey I've got six more
weeks before I gotta even worry about that so I'll enjoy my time here!

I love yall, hope ya have a good week!


-Elder Brett Davis.

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