Tuesday, June 9, 2015

June 8, 2015

Hey everybody! Hope yall had a great week this week! It's so good to
hear the Payson temple dedication was a good one! I sure do wish I was
able to go to it, but I'm out here doing the lords work so I'll just
have to miss it until I get done here! I'm not gunna lie though, based
on all the pictures I've seen online there is not a single temple in
the entire world more beautiful than the Payson temple. And what a
privilege I have to be able to have grown up in the town and be able
to call it my temple. I've heard that summer finally hit and now that
it's done raining for a bit it's time to get out and cut hay! I don't
think hay fields exist in Florida... But if they do I'll be sure to
find it and do service for someone!(:

This week was transfer week, unfortunately I had to say goodbye to
Elder Heiner, he is now serving in hunters creek which will be good
for him cause he'll have the opportunity to speak Portuguese and
prepare himself for when he gets down to Brazil. My new companion is
named Elder Clark, he's from Wellington Utah. He's certainly an
interesting person. We get along pretty decently, were able to get out
and actually work hard so that's a big plus for me! (Not that Heiner
didn't, in fact he was probably the hardest working companion yet.) we
also are the best burger I've had in my entire life at a place called
juniors over on orange blossom trail.

Let's see... Highlights this week, hmm.... Honestly the beginning of
the week was pretty rough with the new companion. We were having a
hard time working together and he really doesn't like how fast paced
my style of work is... But later on in the week after a couple days
things got better off.

I guess one of my favorite things that happened was on Wednesday we
went to lunch/dinner with a recent convert named Lowell. We went to
the village inn and had some decent food! Lowell gave us a little life
story thing really summarizing everything that he has accomplished he
has had some really stinkin cool stuff that he's done! Sadly later
that day we thought that Clorisa dropped us, that was scary! But she
didn't so that's good thing!

Saturday we had the adult session of stake conference, it was amazing!
We saw so many sides of Elder Bednar, he was laughing, joking,
serious, bold, loving and comforting. I thought one of the best things
I've ever seen was during the closing prayer at the adult session the
recent convert was struggling to say the prayer cause it was such a
huge crowd. In the middle of the prayer Elder Bednar stood up and put
his arms around her to comfort her. I thought that it was amazing.
Honestly I thought I saw the savior putting his arms around her to
comfort her truly, you can feel the saviors love for us through his

As a spiritual thought I'd like to add, a scripture in 3Nephi12:44
"But behold I say unto you, love your enemies, bless them that curse
you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them who despitefully
use you and persecute you;"
I love this scripture and I actually used it in a lesson, a member was
dealing with a hard time with people that were using him. It's made me
really think, if we serve the people that bother us we can feel
Christlike love for them. It has helped me deal so much especially
when I'm with a hard companion, I've noticed if I serve them I'm able
to love them and it helps us get along so much better!

But everyone that was my week! Here's a picture of my visit with Elder
Chatterton at transfer meeting! I love you guys!

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